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Steve Perry presents GDF11 with an Age Reversal update by Bill Faloon

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Steve Perry presents GDF11 with an Age Reversal update by Bill Faloon.




Steve Perry presents GDF11 with an Age Reversal update by Bill Faloon. GDF11 is an endogenous (meaning it's natural, and you have it in you) signaling molecule whose primary mechanism of action is stem cell DNA repair. Most of the aging is likely caused by the atrophy of your stem cell populations due to declining GDF11 levels, and many believe this is natural selection's way of programming lifespan. Fortunately, adding exogenous GDF11 can generally repair enough of senescent stem cells to reverse your age 5 to 10 years. Steve will take some time providing information on the topic and answering questions. "I've always been interested in stopping the aging process, and as a lifelong software guy, coupled with plenty of evidence from parabiosis experiments, I believe lifespan is programmed by natural selection, specifically group selection. The primary mechanism for determining lifespan is a naturally occurring, blood born peptide called GDF11. Interestingly enough, the molecular structure of GDF11 is maintained across all vertebrate species. You have GDF in you right now, but unless you are 18, you don't have enough of it. GDF11's mechanism of action is repairing stem cell DNA. GDF11 declines with age, so as you age, your stem cell colonies diminish and atrophy, eventually resulting in catastrophic failure, i.e., death. Injecting endogenous GDF11 can stop this process and my goal for the last two years has been to refine the GDF11 dosage and replacement process." ~ Steve Perry An Age Reversal Update by Bill Faloon. Bill Faloon compiled the 1,500-page medical reference book Disease Prevention and Treatment, and his latest book is Pharmocracy: How Corrupt Deals and Misguided Medical Regulations Are Bankrupting America—and What to Do About It. He is also Director and Co-founder of the Life Extension Foundation. To promote Life Extension’s innovative medical concepts, Bill has featured in hundreds of media appearances including The Phil Donahue Show, The Joan Rivers Show, Tony Brown’s Journal, ABC News Day One, and Newsweek magazine. Church of Perpetual Life, a science-based church is open to people of all faiths & belief systems. We are non-denominational & non-judgmental and a central gathering place of Transhumans. What unites us is our common faith, belief, and desire in Unlimited Life Spans.


come welcome everyone I'm so glad you're here yes nice turnout this evening even though we have rain we still have a great turnout wonderful my name is Neil Vander and I'll be your officiator tonight great to see you all thanks for braving the weather and many of you came from a long distance how many you here for the very first time tonight see for your show of hands wow we've got about 10 12 13 14 people here for the first time and I know we still have people coming up the stairs how did you hear about this perpetual life you heard from him do you brought a friend maybe you saw it in the YouTube yes how many people received a phone call about the service tonight we received a text we got an email you know you if you've come if you've come and you've given us your email thank you for that we're going to stay in touch with you and let you know about future events and I'd like to also welcome everyone who's joining the livestream as we are a live streaming here all over the world we have people sometimes as many as 60 people are joining our live streams here and we're so glad that they're putting on watch parties all over the country all over the world people are having watch parties and we'll want to encourage more of that so if anyone online wants to have their own watch party in their town get in touch with us and we'll help you to formulate that contact us we'll help you with that here at Perpetual life we refer to ourselves as immortal lists not because we have defeated death at this moment but because we have faith in few in the future of humanity to find ways of reversing aging defeating death making death optional well and we see that that technology may not be here at this time but we see it in the laboratories we see the research going on in laboratories around the world where there of reverse aging in laboratory animals where they've done 'aa mazing things and we see that going down the line to us and hopefully in the very near future our mission here is to assist everyone in ways to find radical life extension we follow the prophets arthur c clarke and fedorov arthur c clarke who said he had revolutionary ideas which seemed to invoke three stages of reactions they may be summed up in the phrases number one it's completely impossible or number two it's possible but it's not worth doing and later on they decide I said it was a good idea all along and you know we see that happening with people so many people don't understand that life extension let the reponsibility right now to reverse the process of aging that's available right now and there are many ways of doing that next month February 28th we have Brian Delaney coming from the rescue Elder Society it's now called something else it's age reversal network right age reversal network so Brian's going to be speaking next month and that's the fourth Thursday of February at 7 o'clock we'll be back here for that presentation by Brian we are so looking forward to that we are a science-based transhumanist Church so our faith is in humanity to find ways toward unlimited lifespans I want to point out that we do have a lending library on this level in the back if you'd like to borrow a book that's there for you find a book that you'd like to borrow bring it back next month and find another one there's a lot of great reading material over there we're going to get right into our program because we have two great presentations at the we after the first presentation bill Fallon will be giving his age reversal update so we're looking forward to that as well but let me tell you about our speaker tonight and a little bit about growth differential factor 11 gdf 11 it's a naturally occurring peptide that has been cited in several papers as having an amazing capacity to restore aging must say muscles hearts and brains in mice it has never been tested in humans until Steve Perry became patient zero in 2014 Steve's path to gdf 11 research started at the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Computer Sciences in 1980 and since then Steve has founded and sold several software tech companies after 40 years of tech software development Steve believes that all complex systems are highly programmed if not they fall to Kaos quickly and the ultimate complex system the human body is a highly programmed and aging is no exception Steve believes that lifespan is programmed by group selection based on resource and environmental selection pressures Hurra by OSA strongly suggests that blood-borne peptide especially gdf 11 are a key component of the aging program and Steve founded gdf 11 rejuvenation Inc in June 2014 to explore the efficacy of gdf 11 supplementation so please help me give a warm Hollywood Florida welcome to Steve Perry come on up Steve [Applause] they still okay anyway as Neil said I'm patient zero on Kiev eleven first guy they never tried it it's a long gonna be one first person so I've already got by place sealed in history anyway there's the beautiful little molecule up there it's a big molecule it's one of the largest signaling molecules in the human body $45,000 it's nine times the size of insulin and it's two and a half times the size of growth hormone if you want to do GTO eleven you need one of these brought enough needles for everybody only kidding anyway but people always say why is it GF eleven in a pill I've heard that question so many times I said why isn't insulin in a pill someone could figure out a insulin pill that's like a hundred billion dollar play so as soon as that's done then we'll get gtfo anyway I just want you guys to know you know I'm not a MD and I'm not a molecular biologist Mike background is computer science Deena was saying I've had a few software companies database payroll and it's really come in handy because really this project has been about crunching a ton of data a ton of biomarker data I have over a hundred people that have helped me out actually it's probably two or three hundred people out gif load but a hundred that actually do the spreadsheets and and enter the data to the software and everything so my computer science background has been quite helpful see anyway since this is my talk I get to editorialize a little bit some you may disagree with this but I say most of aging is caused by the atrophy of our stem cell populations I think I've got a lot of data to back this up shrinking stem cell populations mean declining repair of key systems which eventually leads leads to our death and I don't believe it's random there's no difference in DNA pretty much between you and a cat and a rat a bowhead whale but a bowhead whale will live 200 years and a cat will live 15 if you're lucky so it's programmed my natural selection I think it's programmed by availability of resources I hate to say this to the Church of Perpetual life if you're a pure evolutionist and I am a peer evolutionist death is good for the species can't eat your your children's food you can't leave enough food for your kids right you can't consume all the resources for the next generation and this is program my natural selection so if a species has a lot of food like the bowhead will have an infinite amount of food and they have a stable environment we have no predation maybe a orca comes along and eats one of them once in a while but that's pretty rare yeah you can evolve very long lifespan anyway GTF 11 is endogenous you're gonna hear me say that word a lot everybody in the room is gdf 11 in them right now if you don't have G d/f 11 in you you're not gonna make the next church and it's extremely important so I like endogenous stuff I think agent could be cured by purely endogenous peptides any system that relies on stem cells for repair is positively impacted by G d/f 11 that's most of the systems in the body not all are knock it out of the park biomarker is what we're famous for our cardiac neural fat the reaction time you'll see there's nothing on the planet that can improve reaction time like GF eleven and muscle skin and immune improvements so it's a pretty pretty good start so ygf 11 okay since high school which for me a long time ago in the 70s I've always been fascinated by para bios's you take an old mouse and a young mouse joy them together the old mouse becomes young you see greater blood flow bastardization increased neurogenesis it proof sets the smell also rejuvenation but they don't tell you that para bios's papers is that about half a time the young mouse bites the head off the old mouse I think that's pretty funny but anyway yeah they never mentioned that the papers I don't know about the the young mouse obviously does not like the deal you know then you know the old mouse is sapping all his energy so he says well screw there's something to take care of it was a little beheading in action but anyway that's that's something you'll never read a pair of meiosis paper right but I know people to do para boy this is research and they tell me that so that's a big problem so anyway they're mice my cat's behead my sole time so ok too upset about it ok anyway why why did you give a love okay there's over a hundred thousand substances in the blood so we did I think it's a safe bet to say that young blood rejuvenates I think that's true where I've made place my best there's a but the problem is there's over a hundred thousand substances in the blood so okay yeah rejuvenates big deal what the hell is it you got a lot to look at isolating these substances is the ultimate needle-in-a-haystack exercise I wouldn't even know where to begin fortunately we we live in amazing times I'm just unbelievable the stuff people accomplish that ten years ago couldn't be done and this is one of them the Harvard Stem Cell Institute you know they have these rapid screening they took the old Mouse blood and the young mouse blood and they screened for all these substances rapid screening you know they could probably screen 10,000 substances a week or whatever and they said gdf 11 is the main ingredient the main what's causing the the aging of the mice and I don't know if you can bet on this I would say Amy wagers and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute group will win a Nobel Prize for this in 10 years they say it's incredible work it's unbelievable what they did and they have the ultimate respect for them hopefully we'll meet them someday we're coming at it from different angles but eventually our our paths will cross GTF 11 is most likely the most important blood-borne substance controls aging but it's not the only one and you can just use common evolutionary sense if it was the only thing that controlled aging we'd have an outlier before that'd be me it has a mutation on chromosome 11 that kept producing Heike death 11 levels and you'd live 3 400 maybe you'd be immortal but that hasn't happened I believe it's a cocktail of peptides it's G tough 11 I think it's the majority of it growth hormone tattoo there's another one what's a ma n that just came out admit man L or something like that but I'd say the majority of it is G d/f 11 but it's not the only thing in and our core GTF 11 guide I could admit that okay okay how does gif 11 work very interesting basically works on your stem cells and your very few stem cells in your body stem cells occurred considerable DNA damage in a replication one hematopoietic stem cell is the the humanik stem cells you metaphor stem cells make all your blood they'll have a ninety thousand progeny in one day so they're basically producing more than one well their precursors blood cell per second and speaking of molecular biology terms the insult the DNA of the stem cell is pretty big and eventually the stem cell like it's to date DNA damaged and it's an S is probably and I figured this out just for my date I think you get five to ten years worth of senescence stem cells is I could take you back five ten years it's about it after that they died I sure that woman the Heydrich I can remember a last name she's from Amsterdam and she was live to be 115 she only had two you matter poetic cells left when she died it's amazing could survive with just two you start with twenty thousand by the way you believe all your blood is made by twenty thousand you metaphoric cells these are just some of the fascinating things you learn how many how many cells there in their body what's the latest I think 37 trillion all you can flood cells are great it's just like a handful of you better porter stuff so anyway gif 11 repairs the DNA damage and report restores function to the stem cells and this is really interesting you look at this graph is very famous graph from the Harvard Stem Cell this is two paper and you can see the the green is no DNA damage in these are muscle stem cells no DNA damage yellow is some red is senescent red reading good yellow that's a good read really bad and you could see if you give gdf 11 to a young mouse nothing it looks the same and i have it's interesting cuz i read this paper five years ago so that's it try saying that you know I had I've had so many people take G if 11 I've had 20 and 30-somethings take G if 11 and they all say the same thing though what's the big deal dude yeah I don't feel anything and you know if you look at these graphs you can see you could see why I if you look at you there was an old go like me you could see the the third graph from the left is a lot of DNA damage a lot of senescence cells throw some G d/f 11 in the mix and look at almost as good as the young Mouse so basically I like to work with people that are 50 and over because the young guys they don't they don't have fuse properly and actually if a Belen EO was really forward-thinking they would take it it would take very small amounts and then when they're 40 they probably uh they probably have bio markers of a you know 30 30 year-old or whatever but yeah most blue nails are too busy having a good time to think about a anti-aging right I mean you did take a real precocious person to it was take G of 11 to 25 anyway another reckon is a mechanism of action of G if 11 is it up regulates s Matt - which removes in essence cells so gdf 11 is a sin oolitic and everybody's in the Sena lytx it has to do this because it's about steps I'll repair and cell proliferation if it wasn't something on the other end balancing it out run it to into serious trouble so why did I decide to do this well obviously I'm half out of my mind that already but now I'm looking good five years ago people really you gotta be kidding me but anyway gdf eleven mimics Parab iosys which i've always been a fan of it's shown to approve three key systems you know cardiac neuromuscular is it's a good start I'll take that and once again I want to change my middle name to endogenous Steve endogenous peri sounds good I mean we don't need man-made substances to cure aging it's all in us para biases prove it prove this anyway gdf 11 is endogenous which inherently makes it safer than any man-made substance the body knows what it is it knows how to deal with it it's you're not gonna have an immune reaction and or anything like that to GD of 11 I would much rather be the first guy to take GTF 11 the first person that took lipitor or Fosamax or any other man-made drug okay so now I'm not saying wait it's crazy hopefully anyway this is something I'm gonna work with this for almost five years this is something that that blows me away to this very day the molecular structure of gdf 11 is conserved across all vertebrate species it means you know Pat GTF 11 rachie if 11 wombat G if 11 whatever your favorite vertebrae is all it's exactly the same molecular structure I don't know if there's any molecular biologists in the audience but no one has ever challenged me on this there is no other peptide like that if you have a lot of cats so yeah cat diabetes if you want to pick a cat as diabetes you want to give them cat insulin even insulin will work and it worked pretty well but Catalan insulin works for works better so the base pairs are a little bit different for insulin growth hormone all the main peptides but this one it's just totally conserved exactly the same structure in fact when you buy beautiful love it I always still laugh it says in the top human /r @ / Mouse gdf 11 and I was like oh he's new analog common with a rat actually that's part of our problem is humans we think we're so superior to all the same design you drill down into it especially on this level another thing that I looked at was organs transplanted from older to younger people you would think if TF 11 was toxic you know person would have hi beautiful evan levels and you take an 80 year-old kid he put it into a 20 year old it would shrivel up die that's not the case it actually thrives and then you know just a little philosophizing here you know letting aging take its course is risky as well as far as I'm concerned I mean I wake up every morning there's it's on my site you just google it Social Security Administration actuarial life table it'll tell you how old are you and they'll tell you what basically your expiration date and believe me these guys they've got a lot more data than I've got 200 million they're pretty accurate I hate to say it so for me at almost 61 my exploration day is about 87 according to this table but you know okay maybe it its first of all it's not nearly enough time for me but the other thing I worry about is a very active guy you know I like to bike and I I you know how you can ski and I don't want to spend the last 10 years of my life giving those things up and actually here I sit in aged 61 everything I can do with everything I did at age 30 I could still do now some cases better so yeah let's keep it that way that's that's the real goal here anyway singing awake okay full disclosure beautiful Evans very very powerful stuff don't screw around with it fortunately for me it's not like insulin or thyroid you should read the history of insulin those guys back in 1918 they extracted it from dogs and the lot of the early Haitians didn't do so well so that's thorgy f/11 is pretty forgive you could you could take massive overdoses of it and these are the things that will happen to you you'll get shortness of breath which is not pleasant GERD which is also somehow Pleasant none of these things are pleasant skin inflammation basically now we've got the dosing protocols down so well that this stuff is it's pretty rare basically the only thing we see now is insomnia you and I would know better than anyone sometimes take too much I usually get up around ten o'clock in the morning software guy don't like morning skip as many mornings as I can but yeah I think too much jitta for love I woke up at 5:00 in the morning there's like no way you can go to sleep I'll walk outside my apartment and see the Sun at a different angle and see people walking around and said wow this is a whole different world but and they brother go back to sleep so anyway so sing awake okay average dose of a gif 11 this took a long time to figure out a lot of pioneers in before you you know suffered a bit a lot of data current rating a lot of numbers a lot of biomarkers I think we got it down pretty well of 850 average dose is 500 micrograms a day for those of you don't remember a high school chemistry PI program is a trillionth of a gram okay and if you just to put this in perspective the Empire State Building weighs three hundred three hundred sixty thousand tons if you were to pull one five hundred of one five hundred trillions of the apart state building weight you pull out two light bulbs okay there so this is another fascinating thing about you get eleven I mean basically this correlates the fact is hardly any stem cells in the body I mean we know there's twenty thousand you met a poet excels there's probably 25 thousand mezzo kimmel cells I've never got a straight answer even from the top experts of the world I don't think anybody really knows but I guarantee the number of stem cells in the body is below half million so it's a it was very small anyway over the years we've figured out a good dosing strategy we call this down regulation and the maintenance dose basically Amy waiters who I admire greatly basically figured figured out the tough part she figure she figured out that GPA was something we needed to look at but said it's a reset thing and this is true basically people will dose 500 micrograms a day for 30 to 45 days and they're down regulated then then it becomes a lot easier let me take a break and then you go on the maintenance dose so these are extremely tiny amounts if you guys anybody here's doing growth hormone or testosterone these are like one wonderful hundred thousandth of what you take growth hormone single lake okay so I worked really hard five years trying to come up with that yet dosing I wanted a formula what I said okay you weigh the smart shoe this old this is a doe she should take but I figured out that at least for now maybe if we could measure G if 11 levels things will change but at least for now there's no universal dosing formula I'll this is really interesting is it's definitely tied H no question about that exercise most people down regulate between 10,000 and 20,000 PI programs if they're athletes and the exercise they're more closer to 10,000 and I'm sure nobody here smokes if you're smoker you know you're looking at 3040 thousand and it also if you're you know smoker and a couch potato you're looking at even then you need gallons of this stuff but anyway devoid of here's what we do to avoid side effects we look at the daily trending of blood pressure pulse HIV and reaction time you don't need to go to medical school to figure this out I mean basically if you're dosing something and you're trying to do antiaging you want your blood pressure to go down I mean that makes sense right you want a reaction time to go down you want your pulse to go down heart rate variability I know if a lot of people are up on that but I can't really spend a lot of time on it now but that's a amazing biomarker that should go up for any goes the wrong direction blood pressure starts going up HIV down your reaction times going up well obviously you do take it too much do diplom is very powerful the stressor on the body and this is what I do all day long I look at spreadsheets and I look at trending and I make sure people are those thing properly so to all the I got the guys out there that don't listen to me like anything else we have athletes that abused it I guarantee 2028 this will be the biggest problem dealing in the Olympics guarantee and they won't be able to do anything about it because it's so hard to detect but don't seek GF 11 without biomarkers spreadsheet is like dosing insulin without a leuco meter sir tonight any well we had 20 a half of those insulin but if you do I'm sure you take your glucose if you take your glucose five times a day you actually could do it you know you very well anyway be funny for the batteries and the thing died right in the middle but he gets the Oh there goes it needs G diff 11 okay this is a typical dose biomarker training spreadsheet and uh yeah when yeah we have people join the cohort we send you box like this biomarker and grip glucose blood pressure the HRV thing and this cute just put your finger in that and your bluetooth it to your phone and figures out your heart rate variability I back this on Kickstarter oh I said two-thirds of the hardware project sidekick started or made it but just one did thankfully because we used to have to put out a chest strap anyway it's a tongue first six weeks of GF alone art on work but uh you know it's well worth it obviously sure really slowing reversing and greatly slowing aging okay we use Google sheets by the way big fan of that it's the best free software on the planet this is stuff that mean this stuff can do moving averages really sophisticated stuff that's okay to get it to that but that's something we're doing now with moving average is to be even more focused on the biomarkers but this is what we want to see you see this guy his blood pressure is trending down so his dose is obviously pretty good now I guarantee everybody all of a sudden starts to go the other way that's that's what I sent you an email I say hey you're uh you're on hiatus for a couple weeks and then we're gonna put you on maintenance dose heart rate variability great biomarker dance again we live in great times you know ten years ago you want to do heart rate variability you'd have to go to your doctor's office get an EKG and then feed that and a fancy piece of software it cost you a ton of money now if this little guy that's 130 bucks but the software is actually free on your phone anyway heart rate variability should go up it's a it's totally correlated with cardiac fitness and age and see this guys do it not pretty well you reaction time you will never hear this in medicine but every single person it's done gdf 11 even the abusers the reaction time goes down dramatically it's guarantee it's guaranteed guaranteed and you could take it on there's a test on your home computer you can see this guy the one went down quite a bit reaction time it's totally correlated with age I don't care how many video games you play or ping-pong or whatever your reaction thing is you it goes it's very sad it goes down you know one or two percent a year I've done so much work but we actually talk I'm thinking of ready to the DMV the state of New York it's like forget these I test man you should be testing people for reaction time so if it takes some 500 milliseconds it's a break I'll be under your car by the time you figure out I'm even there so yes very this thing the aging biomarker I love biomarkers that drop or get worse with age this is probably the most guaranteed one of all and GAF eleven improves this the the theory is there's more blood flow to the brain and it proves that the field of repair repairs your blood vessels and GF eleven is too big to get into the brain so it can't cross the blood-brain barrier but dramatically improves blood flow to the brain so everyone's reaction time improves everyone's processing speed improves memory improves to memory believe it or not is not a good aging biomarker I don't know many people know that I said I seen guys that are 80 that can count cards and a casino they get thrown out so it's something I can't do not even close so anyway though this is what happens if you don't listen to reason and logic this guy you can see his blood pressure is going up how couldn't this be good right anyway side effects don't have to happen who watch the training carefully and especially if I'm watching it anyway this guy didn't listen he ended up with insomnia I think he was up for a whole weekend and now he listens okay thinking life will start with some anecdotal feedback and then we'll get into them hardcore numbers everybody on gdf 11 sees increased stamina this is my favorite one of my favorite things I'm not I'm not a fast hiker I'm not a fast biker but now I could do it I could do a hundred mile bike ride out to Montauk anyway it's all flat that's a lot but I've done a lot of the Appalachian Trail and still doing it a good five-day trip back in August now climbing those escarpment no problem anyway it proved skin elasticity they're usually noticeable in the mirror greater mental clarity this is from the improved reaction time more eloquent I definitely I think I've become a better writer on it but that's those things are very hard to quantify anyway gray hair reversal this happens about half the time half the cohort Caesar it takes about a year before that happens to prove sexual performance almost all the cohort is male the gdf 11 strong suit is endothelial repair you know and you know keeps the capillaries and keep key places you know functioning we like that okay anyway better sleep vivid dreams circadian rhythms of force you can't sleep in on this stuff greatly increased appetite I'm actually one of the few people have gained weight on GF 11 well I love food I live in New York and I Love New York restaurant so that's just you know people live another hundred years yeah that's that's my thing I want to be like sag at it's a great job those guys just reviewing restaurants but anyway most people do lose weight I have not because I'm always hungry somebody please give me a beef chimichanga with guacamole and sour cream that stuff downstairs looking too healthy anyway so uh it proves has improved sense of smell now this is this may not sound like a big deal but it's actually a really big deal people that have dementia and Alzheimer's cannot smell so it's highly to olfaction is highly correlated with a neurogenesis and cognition so people on GT of 11 I had to redo my whole life as I said I have a cat's rip out the carpet as a place it's not while I had to get a litter box so they exhausted to the outside and that's still doesn't smell great honor until I day but usually I can deal with it but it's very interesting now this last one is this sounds completely ridiculous but here I've heard so many times that I put it in there people I'm TDF 11 if they have more order they're cleaner anti hoarding behavior I probably thrown out half my personal possessions I can't take I can't take clutter matter of fact yeah just line these three things up okay looks a lot better so yeah most most people end up throwing out a lot of stuff and there's actually believe it or not there are a lot of papers on hoarding behavior totally goes up with age and the papers say it has to do with a couple things less cognition and also the fact that as you get older it's just too hard to clean up that's a gross oversimplification but anyway people on GF 11 most of them have minimalist apartments okay so we're done with the anecdotal you're cool but you know I'm a I'm a numbers guy I'm a software guy I saw always say forget show me the money our favorite Rachel the Church of Perpetual life phrase needs to be show me the biomarkers so that's what we're gonna do we're gonna go through some hardcore biomarkers not no more hand waving the last 10 minutes for hand waving which is fine but now he's now getting to the real meat single bail okay this is a good biomarker this you can't do this at home if we go to the doctor's office this is your carotid artery of thickness and plaque you can see it's probably hard to see but this guy had a lot of plaque you can see on the left at the top and the side for months on GF eleven plaque completely gone his IMT thickness one from 0.85 10.50 - it's a 41% reduction and that's it pretty incredible just so you know you know you don't need G if 11 to do this you can do it with diet and exercise but it it comes with a great cost you got to go on the Mediterranean diet which I don't think I'm gonna be doing anytime soon but if you if you if you really work it you go the Mediterranean diet and do all the stuff build flu and will tell you that you could you could usually bring that down about five percent on average but this is something I'm pretty pretty proud of because this obviously is a big problem the aging population okay another this is another guaranteed biomarker everyone's hearing improves we have a bimini hearing test that you take with your phone basically mechanism of action here is a moving progenitor cells in the auditory epithelium into an active state the senses all evolved from one thing I'm not sure which one was first but they're all the same eye sight smell and hearing and they all improve on gdf 11 we actually been able to reverse a macular degeneration on GF 11 which is pretty impressive but hearing is another thing like reaction time everybody's here he approves some more dramatically than others okay so we have a lot of biomarker data we have two classes of biomarkers one or the homebuyer markers actually what I've learned the last few years is that these are probably just as important as the doctor's office biomarkers because you do them every day and you know you go to a doctor's office and have a bad day and have issues it definitely is good to take these key biomarkers every day at home and then there's a doctor's office biomarkers which sure you know required a special equipment like stigma poor skin elasticity spirometry which is measuring your lung see IMT by the way just full disclosure here I just didn t DF xi advice never bought it or giving it to anyone it's not FDA approved that's one of the reasons that you know probably isn't as big as it should be but if you want it to be FDA approved hope you could hold your breath for 10 years but anyway so we do not have double-blind placebo-controlled biomarker did data I'll be the first guy to admit that but we get so much data I mean when a hundred people's reaction time goes down what are the odds that it's my scintillating personality that's making that happen about zero so I don't you know I I hear you with the double-blind placebo-controlled when you have a so much data it all correlates odds are something's going on ok mom wake up pressure crate biomarkers simple 28 participants that do it diligently enough to make this slideshow their average I stopped blood pressure reduced 7.2% you always have one party pooper to went the wrong direction anyway this suggests increase our carrier elasticity vascular repair due to G d/f 11 activity more endothelial stem cells as the stem cells are repair the linings of Europe arteries and veins sting pulse is great biomarker average pulls down 7.7% I mean that sound like a lot but you know go in the right direction to pursue participants showed no pulse improvement I will say these guys are like you know triathletes and I like a pulse of 50 so you know what are you gonna do with that but uh anyway it does suggest you've loved it improves overall fitness cardiac output variability will you heard me talk about that plenty of this biomarker it's amazing that we can do it now it's correlated with crease fitness health and youthfulness fact there was there was the with the Wolves of the X PRIZE million bucks somebody could get heart rate variability down to youthful levels and yes I don't want to give away that million bucks says I've missed a deadline it was like a July first deadline I said I want to do GTF 11 and they wouldn't respond probably knew that that was a better cost for a million bucks but I guarantee if there's another XPrize on HRV the GAF 11 will take the prize one of you guys can do it as a sage really to win a million bucks you gotta like yeah maybe run three miles a day and do some other stuff but it's you could it could be done anyway average HRV and our owner seems that one there we go anyway the root-mean-square two successive differences very it's the key biomarker of heart rate variability creased 22% one one one guy went the wrong direction anyway the results suggest gdf 11 reverse cardiac age now we're ready for the next slide we have manual mode here there we go oh this is this is pretty cool that here's something I I realized before the researchers did believe it or not I haven't I haven't met a biomarker I don't like in it if I can get people to take their waking glucose which is not easy most people don't want to prick their fingers if I get them to do it I'll take the data and nine people that were willing to do that and the average waking glucose decreased nine point one percent one guy went the wrong direction let's start eating you know late night snacks but anyway so then then wow it's pretty cool you know they did that uh you know blood sugar is coming down on gdf eleven then a big paper came out of China which by the way is where most of the good gif eleven research is being done not here drug companies are not interested in gdf eleven here because you know how much a cheetah if a living costs a year ten bucks so they're gonna put a lot of money into it but there are companies trying to come up with variants we'll talk about that later anyway the mechanisms of action according to this paper is increased islet beta cell production improves increases insulin production okay this is one I just added recently handgrip and people been doing well with that up 9.8% 84 pounds mechanisms of action here is a probably increasing number of muscle stem cells okay now we'll do the fantasy biomarkers these are not cheap a round of biomarkers as you know Rafael medical physio any of the physio age affiliates a cost you about fifteen hundred bucks but they're great to have and we have I like to honor a rock star this guy look at this guy you know cardio age thirty one to twenty three neural age which basically based on reaction time thirty six to twenty nine skin elasticity down to 36 from forty to pulmonary aged didn't prove much there you know age that's pretty key so his physio ages is 36 so that though I have a couple more couple guys are doing second-round biomarkers there I think they're gonna knock this guy off his perch he isn't listening anyway okay this is this is important okay you could be you could be I always like to look at Jack LaLanne and that guy did everything right I worked out and a 70th birthday he towed seventy rowboats the all kinds of crazy stuff you know juiced every morning I mean the guy guys did everything right and you know he died at 95 of pneumonia and you know so basically nothing else gets you and I know you guys are into these long lifespans right so nothing else gets you immuno senescence will get you they call the always I think this is a funny phrase but they called pneumonia the old man's friend that that was coined it was coined in the 1800s they had different sense of humor back then I don't see what's I don't how could I could so that I could pneumonia be called your friend but anyway I got to talk to historian on that one anyway the cause is the reason a lot of elderly people get pneumonia it's our absolute ieave T cells to climb with age naive t-cells are extremely important these are the the t-cells that actually discover new pathogens and a mounting immune response and you run out of them and you're you're you're hanging out with the old man's friend guarantee so anyway I'm happy to report I mean need more data on this this test is very expensive 300 bucks a pop was Hardy at people that do it but this goes to the UCLA immune lab Dave Geffen UCLA immune lab and you can see the most interesting one here is the patient 15 he's 89 he had absolute naive count of 12 this is not good I mean you don't need a be a molecular biologist or immune ologist to know that got him up to 21 you could see me there patient zero one from 36 to 68 so anecdotally most people on GF 11 you never I can tell when someone's sick by the way when they have a flu looking at their HRV and he you know you rarely see people getting the flu on kita flood but that's again I thought also I should probably throw that comment how anyway augmentation pressure this is a machine it costs about 25 grand it's a very good biomarker it combines to two facets of arterial aging stiffening larger arteries and constriction of the resistance arteries basically the philosophy is when you're 25 the heart beats systole because the arteries are supple there's hardly any wave that comes back it to be my age it's like pushing with your blood into a concrete pipe you know comes right back hits you in the face so that's how what arbitration pressure is all about you want to go down and most people do go down on it one one guy did go the wrong direction is a dedicated to billfold oon since he was kind enough to invite me down here you'll hear you make it out cold I know you like c-reactive protein so I uh I went through the database and actually found this let's say I have so much data they don't even know what I have sometimes actually went through the database I found four people that had done the c-reactive test actually we're having more and more people do the Life Extension aging panel but you can see the c-reactive protein is associated with inflammation both three milligrams per liter is a associated with increased cardiac risk you see everybody came down suppose is the reason this goes up is due to a plaque the immune you system causes inflammation due to a low level response to the plaque so average CRP down for a person we need more data but next time you see me I'll probably have ten of these because I've been having everybody do the life extension panel let's get elasticity another fancy machine that basically goes like this it measures how fast the skin retracts most people's skin elasticity improves equates to 11-year reduction a lot of these biomarkers you'll see it's five to ten years five to ten years reduction and hopefully even keeping you there this is really addressing and this probably cause a little controversy but GTF 11 usually lengthens telomeres the mo the mechanisms of action is believed to be more active he meant magic poetic cells which create your lymphocytes and granules granulocytes which is what telomeres are measured from so you can see we've got different tests here that's why this slide looks pretty confusing but you see tella tella years down 70 to 60 69 51 and most people improve except for me i'm the party pooper here well that's over seven-year period no change is not bad but uh i-i not a telomere guy I think that as I said aging is due to the atrophy of your stem cell populations which results in shorter telomeres so shorter telomeres are a result of aging not a cause of Aging and telomerase just so you know is upregulated in stem cells they are immortal because they have issues because they they work hard if they need repair it by G F 11 but up wearing up racquet up regulating telomerase is not going to help your stem cell populations I can't wait to hear all the emails come back from that comment we'll see okay there's been a lot of controversy on on gdf 11 a paper that says gif 11 climbs with age is another one it says it increases with age actually these papers that were negative we are pretty old now at this point I'll just tell you why PDF loads very hard to measure it's found only in nano quantities age 40 you only have 2,000 millionths of a gram the tests are easily confused by myostatin which is basically the same almost the same molecule as gif 11 90% a modulus the myostatin is 500 times in the blood I I've actually bought gdf 11 Eliza kits they're totally useless because the the myostatin binds of the GD of 11 it's just noise you need very very very fancy equipment x-ray crystallography to measure G f11 also G d/f 11 is stored mostly in your platelets not in serum so measuring serum is probably not a good idea now this is this is really key the dosing window of Gd f11 is very tight you know all these papers they just say oh yeah you've got a bunch of mice we're gonna give them you know 21 milligrams per kilogram just some arbitrary dose well you wouldn't do that with insulin you wouldn't do that with growth hormone and that's what what a lot of these papers did and the window of GF 11 dosage is very tight you seen saw that guy's blood pressure went up and you have to treat it just like any other peptide in the body too much is detrimental just so you know I don't know why I mention his vote it's my cat just so you know there was a there was a paper where they gave some of these mice a million times the doses I gave them anybody want to guess what they have mice died of and then not a heart attack they basically died of the excess gdf 11 binds of the myostatin sites myostatin causes muscle wasting so they oh they died they basically wasted away or nothing so if you wanted a minute I don't know why you'd what a minute if this experiment cost you about $100,000 a day it would take you about two years some really ridiculous papers out there that could have given me to half a million I could produce something a little more interesting but it is sort of interesting note what overdose of the GTF 11 does and it causes muscle wasting just another reason you should be careful with it anyway this is my cat bouncy I love cats and I some of the saddest moments of my life or when they they die at age 13 or 14 he's uh 13 and as I said catalyst its cat beautiful love is exactly the same as human gif 11 so I did some calculations did some allometric read some how much those sitting papers and decide the 120th of those was about right so I give him 83 micrograms and you know what that if you don't believe it glf and just taking take your old cat or dog give it to them you'll be blown away if you forget to borrow more you just look at them and say this is guy jump at a time machine or something you know why because the you know that said he'll take you back five to ten years that's how many senescence stem cells you have or cat they'd reversal five to ten years is huge whoa yeah this guy's my caddy more anyway you can see you can see who got your old man he's got a stuff around his eyes he's got he's got a yellow fur wrinkly and on the right you know it looks like I took him to the dry cleaner look at that cut look at that code no nothing around his eyes he actually he was named bouncy because he used to bounce all over the place now he's living up to his name he was before he's pretty his name should've been slug Lee or something anyway so as I said it's a it's because there's really no difference between us in a cat in the the reversal of the five to ten years is huge for that anyway lathered to long hair and happy to take any questions especially about dosing please ed I'm gonna first I hand for Steve cause it's on your machine so questions for Steve there any questions been here we're gonna bring the microphone to you so that people online can hear yeah well what do you say about the quality of the GTF lovin being sold on Amazon or other places basically when buying any peptide you want to look at endotoxin levels all these things are made with commonly by injecting e-coli I rejected the DNA in e.coli and they kill the e.coli and refine it and that's how you make growth normal or an insulin so you want end of you want to minimize endotoxin levels the best lab that I see these R&D; systems there out of Boston and they have GMP PDF 11 they're a no toxin levels probably one tenth of anyone else's the other thing though when you get gdf 11 you diluted so much the endotoxins levels aren't really that there's a question from done the GTF 11 you said to take it like in the morning you said right do you take a whit through or al food or does it doesn't matter i like to tell people right after you're done with your biomarkers which i'm pretty strict about and then you take your GF 11 and it's a better than the morning coffee how long it'll get you going how long does it take to prove your sexual performance you tell me exactly what you're looking for I would say you see a lot of dramatic changes with within a month on GF eleven so you know you'll see the HRV you see we're actually time even within a week and don't see the HRV improve so I I give it at once but you know I don't know what we're dealing with here so I get I could I could work this one a little bit but have a question for go easy from Kenan thanks for coming down Steve first secondly the myostatin so the myostatin gene prevents us from building muscle so does this product reduce the amount of myostatin that we have in our body so we can produce more muscle in the workout it doesn't have any effect on my understand what it does is it repairs the mezzo camel and and the satellite cells that build muscle so it's a it's a totally different mechanism but it doesn't doesn't affect miles dad unless you take massive amounts of it then you know then all bets are off but you know you're not gonna do that question from Jerry I've walked in a little bit late is gdf 11 injected or is it taken orally its injected it's huge it's seven times the size of insulin two and a half times the size of growth hormone so when as I say to people when they come up with an insulin pill and well I would gdf eleven pill but no one's figure out how to do that yet Superman Marie I is there a difference in the response between men and women because my husband has been doing it and I did it for a little bit and you know just curious well you tell me absolutely well what can you elaborate no things are good go glad to hear that that's the that's the goal yeah you know it's such a low it's such a low-level cytokine that unfortunately we have very few women in the cohort so it really really can go on and on but it really I really can't think of any different this is like this it says growth hormone affect women differently than and nor the answer that one a there but I would say it doesn't rushing from Robert yes with regard to the company in Boston if you purchase that from them do they do they provide it pre-mixed and ready to rock and roll oh no no you have to do that all yourself this is all being broadcast so we should discuss this later but the comes in life alized powdered form and once a year you'll uh with GF 11 you get it to me you get very very good dilution and you need to make a master vial and a daughter vial on a granddaughter vial and Steve we're actually we are recording and this will be available online into perpetuity so if there are things afterwards that you want to discuss personally with Steve I would highly recommend it yes yeah the second question is with regard to all the biomarkers that you keep track of all the folks that you're monitoring is that like private what you're doing in other words can anyone join that group and and have you monitor them as well and the biomarkers and yeah if you go on the site there's a lot of biomarkers posted on the site so yeah it'll probably take a day to go through them all there's that much on there but I I've been waxed lately I probably got another I could probably triple leave on a biomarkers that are up there I gotta get on that but you know it's a lot of work but uh yeah joining you've joined the cohort you can get the spreadsheet we watch here biomarkers and make sure you dose properly and see if it works have a question from George yes if you're taking the injections and it enhances your biomarkers and you get all these improvements but what happens when you stop how long does your biomarkers stay at a enhanced level and then when does it start to drop off or does it that's a great question that's my new year's resolution is to figure out to refine the maintenance dose I have one guy real busy guy flies all over the world with said I can't do all these biomarkers blah blah blah blah whatever he didn't do it for nine months his biomarkers were still excellent so you know you could always check them and see if they're holding up but the mania the stove's is very tiny and I'm starting to think you probably get away with once a month or maybe once even a quarter so but once again these these hypotheses have to be tested outed by the way it's pretty hard to get people to stop doing GTF eleven like I feel great you know I need it I need to get my day going and I feel great and why you telling me to stop so you probably you probably take it a little too much but uh the maintenance dose is my next angle of attack and right now it's I recommend 10 micrograms every other day but I have a feeling my gut says maybe you probably the way we're doing it once a month but eventually I mean obviously you got stem cells that are senescent and dying I mean if you could went off it you know for five years and you know all bets are off question from Jeff yes is the injection IV or I am and is there a specific location you recommend it's a the subcutaneous it's like injecting a growth hormone and I recommend wherever it's comfortable I personally wanted a plenty of space here so that's that's where I do it Jay yes has there been any determinations of contraindications if you're taking other medications or say diabetics or anti hypertensive medications we don't have that much data in that area obviously lowers blood sugar I've seen people go off blood pressure meds on GF eleven so once again you got to watch watch the biomarkers like a hawk and you know make sure nothing gets out of whack the biomarkers that really save the day here I can't emphasize that enough you should never just get gdf 11 injected to say I feel great just like getting insulin and playing around well they just don't do that so if you watch the biomarkers a lot of people who I know the blood pressure medications a lot of people have wean themselves off BPA medications she from Peter one thing I know she didn't do anything with cholesterol what happened the people's cholesterol that's when the worst lipitor is when the worst things to take and I agree actually that sitting in the database I could y'all gotta admit it's the one thing I haven't really crunched so they give me your email I'll get back to you on that one hopefully it's a it's good yeah I mean I got so many biomarkers it's hard to keep track well but that is that is a good one to look at one of what is the cost of maintain or month oh I mean you know you buy a microgram for 30 bucks that'll last you for years so it's in phantasmal but the it but it's sort of misleading because you know the biomarkers and the equipment you know are expensive and you do need to do those so it's not you know it's not really ten bucks a year is this effective on dementia oh yes ray paper Google vascular dementia gdf 11 great paper I think it's out of China also but uh they've reversed dementia in and mice that had a strokes and vascular dementia so definitely Google ad you'll see the paper will come right up and the basic amazing stuff Ernie I have two questions as gdf 11 make unnecessary stem-cell treatment well I don't know I mean I don't really know much about these you know there's a Taj Ellis stem cell treatments tell you I mean if loves the hell a lot easier than then a stem cell treatment I wouldn't give gf 11 a try first and see how you fare and then doesn't work out then you can you know pursue a stem cell transplants or whatever what is the cost of your program when do you have them why to New York like you to come to New York that have people company or get them all trained up you know we have a suggested donation of 7500 bucks that's trying to pay down you know a lot of debt and all this biomarker according meetings cost a ton tons of money but this is not a good way to make money I can tell you that hello it's my first time here me and Paul we're from Port Charlotte and it's so interesting to know about what you're talking about what's the components of g11 the components of it yes is it growth hormone vitamins what starts its own it's just it's a signaling molecule I would say I would say if you had what as close as cousin would be would maybe be a growth hormone but it's it's own it's its own entity it's it's own thing actually if you guys really would really want to get it to this a levy on which is trying to come up with GAF 11 variant this is a great talk I just watched it last night by Amy wagers she talks about where gdf 11 is made and I didn't even know this but most of it it's made all over the body but a lot of it's made in the spleen but it is its own molecular structure as there's nothing else like it in the body because it's focused on one thing you know the stem cell repair Kathy I'd like to know what the sources for this what's made this made recombinant Lee oh it's made just like growth hormone or insulin okay it's made basically almost all these peptides nowadays they they take they take the genetic sequence like a genetic sequence for gene f11 is on a long arm of chromosome 11 they pull that out they injected it at the ecoli the e.coli makes the cheat of 11 and they purified that's the hard part that's why these guys that's that's done by you know companies like Genentech and you know heavy-duty that's heavy-duty molecular biology he's extracting the DNA but you could get you get Thea day your DNA for money and he's selling the body well I mean you know the the jitta 411 has been remade we commonly for five or six years so but you could do the next one yeah these new peptides that are coming out yeah they will need a human volunteer to extracted DNA from and put it in the e.coli have the e.coli manufactured but this was this is how Genentech had made their name they they were the first ones to take the the gene for growth hormone and produce that back at 81 there's the same same idea that doesn't ask your question what's that we thought after but uh yeah I mean it is all of you all these peptides you order if you google recombinant recombinant peptide production it'll put you to sleep long long long discussion but it's it's it's amazing stuff for the 80s we couldn't do it and here are the questions for Steve and gdf 11 all right ladies and gentlemen Steve Perry yeah we're gonna uh Steve has agreed we're going to have his slide presentation from tonight and available on our website in the course of the next few days we'll get that up there and this presentation given just now will be available immediately after our service tonight okay yes quick yes all right now I'd like to invite you all to come up forward is there okay Oh Steve come on up one more time Steve come on up over time we're gonna get one photograph for you come on up on the stage and those of you in the back I want to invite you to come forward this is in fact everybody this is a good time for everybody to stand and stretch and get some stretching going on it's important not to just sit for a minute so it's a good time go ahead and stretch and stretch and everybody in the back I'm gonna invite you forward we have bill flume speaking here next so come on forward that's it give yourself a stretch it's good for you all right we're gonna give this picture with more in here stretch stretch steam it's good for you to stretch alright so again those of you who are in the back seats come forward we've got a spot in here you can fill in some space come on in alright again I want to remind you that next month February the 28th we have Brian Delaney speaking and he'll be coming he's got a great presentation to give now it gives me great pleasure - all right so go ahead and get it relax it those of you again in the back come on forward Daniel if you want to come up you can john Diana we've got spots up in front if you'd like to be in front you're welcome to Richard you're going to be filming are you ready okay okay there you go bill has worked his entire life pioneering approaches for preventing and treating the diseases of Aging he is constantly on the cutting edge of medical technologies and he's the founder here of the Church of Perpetual life let's welcome ladies and gentlemen our founder mr. Bill Fallone good evening group I want to convey some very important critical data to you just so you know I started the first charity to support anti-aging and immortality research in January 1977 42 years ago and I've attended a number of presentations what Steve Perry put on in many respects is one of the most impressive but I want to caution everyone I'm going to caution everyone that we all are seeking an optimal state of health we want to create a healthy house and in order to do that you have to have a foundation and unfortunately a lot of people get all fired up about the ability is something like gdf 11 to perform miracles the clicker by the way not working I'm hoping someone can get me another one because I move the slides forward there we go okay if we have to do it manually we will anyway healthy house has to have a foundation and what a lot of people have been doing I'm going all the way back to 1977 they would say I'm a vegetarian or I exercise a lot and therefore I don't have to worry about my blood pressure or my lipids and glucose insulin and homocysteine etc they felt that what they were doing was sufficient and what a number of people are doing right now unfortunately is they're engaging in some of the spectacular age reversal technologies but they're forgetting about foundation and that's level one in this house house of optimal health it's a representative of what your body is seeking to do if you're seeking to live a real long time so before you consider engaging in some of these aggressive rejuvenation technologies and there's a number of them please do whatever you can to get level 1 in order so you have a foundation to benefit from the age reversal interventions because the harsh reality is that most of us here have at least one chronic condition many of us have several chronic medical conditions and when we expect a single intervention to reverse that aging process and correct all those problems it sometimes expecting too much and we've had some people over the decades remember remember I go back professionally to 1977 we've had people who failed to correct the basics and as a result they had some serious issues they wound up having strokes heart attacks developing malignancies that could have been prevented had they simply kept their house in order so if that's something that people don't understand I hope I can make it clear during this presentation so what we're seeking to do is make the slide move forward because it's not doing that innovative if it doesn't keep it doesn't start working again we'll just do it manually the great news is since the last church service here in mid-december there has been an avalanche of media attention related to biological age reversal New Year's Eve leading researcher at Harvard David Sinclair talked about new ways of boosting NAD+ in our cells a critical coenzyme that declines with aging dr. Barr Zelly at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine continues to advocate for widespread metformin supplementation the media is picking up on this in a very big way and even some researchers who in the past were rather pessimistic about the potential of radical life extension occurring he is coming around to them that at least we can improve our health span meaning as we go turn 70 80 90 we don't have to degenerate there is technology out there right now that can keep us healthy as we age and he's getting a lot of publicity now because he's advocating people should do but we've been advocating for many decades take care of yourself so that you can enjoy your older years now dr. Olshansky he's not an immortal ax stand that's fine he though is disseminating very good information across across a wide range of media sources the prospect of rejuvenate ourselves with young plasma or exosomes from stem cells that continues to garner media attention for the idea of taking plasma from a healthy young teenager putting back it into an older person it is being tested around the world by the way all kinds of different stem cell techniques being used to emulate those para iOS's studies in the media they continue to pick up on it if you look at the dates of some of the slides I'm going to show you here they reflect media articles including this church which is getting tremendous international attention a couple months ago a film crew from Germany was here they represented a show called Galileo it is purportedly the 60 Minutes of german-speaking Europe and in December they did a whole story about this church and what I my wife are doing to slow down and reverse our aging process it was rather positive it revealed a number of different interventions that we are advocating to enable people to live longer if not forever in the media they're really neat they they see other media sources talking about living longer staying healthy longer and potentially living forever and they mimic it and this is a large publication in Australia and they ran a headline about the potential of human beings who live forever or at least another thousand years now we didn't used to get this kind of face publicity bear in mind 42 years ago when I started this people ridiculed it the whole notion of reversing aging was considered impossible and now we're seeing it happen right before our eyes just like you saw what Steve Perry put on there with those validated markers of aging going reverse people are doing that right now and you're learning about that tonight and this particular article was very positive as it talked about a number of scientists who are telling the media people yes we are reversing aging in the laboratory models and we believe that's also going to occur in people so the media is picking up on the fact that Perpetual life immortality is no longer science fiction it's rapidly transforming into a technology that will be as ubiquitous as the iPhones that you carry in your pocket right now and those only came around by the way at the beginning of this century they're not that old this is an article by the way that appeared in November a very extensive interview and we're gonna make sure these PowerPoint slides are available to you and if you want to spend some time reading an interview with me about what I'm doing and what I'm advocating people do to reverse aging this article was very good and it came about because of a popular science article that was again favorable this article had scientists who were reversing aging in the animal model and they believed will work in people and they called me the forever man because I was the one saying this age reversal technology is going to eventually lead to physical immortality in people now the scientists weren't optimistic about immortality but there are very positive about the fact that they are going to make older people grow biologically younger and we've got a really nice gift this month bear in mind this is January 24th this came out just a couple weeks ago in a prestigious medical journal it is essentially a summary of everything you've learned in this church since year 2013 they wrapped up the para bios's research the senescence cell renewal they brought together all types of regenerative therapies and they did a massive review it's a very well researched article these are some of the quotes from this article again in a scientific publication that when it appears in a journal like this people start paying attention including medical people who may have been Festa mystic until they read a conclusion that aging may be a reversible phenomenon something that will be reversing our organs our tissues ourselves in a way that will make us live much much longer and what happened in early January was the release of the first human clinical trial in which a synthetic drug combination was used to treat a lethal disease called pulmonary fibrosis the average person survives about four years and then they simply suffocate they can no longer breathe because their lungs have accumulated so many senescence cells they did a small human trial at the Mayo Clinic and some other universities and they used that asset in a bid for certain what we've been advocating here for a long time to reverse aging they used it to these people and they got some benefits and they didn't see side-effects except for one case and if someone's dying of pulmonary fibrosis by the way and they're given an experimental treatment well there's gonna be some person who's gonna have a side effect so this is the first published study published this January 2019 in The Lancet prestigious medical publications this is going to open the eyes of a lot of clinicians out there who are treating people who are suffocating to death and they realize now that they can treat these people with a certain ebb and coerces and and potentially save their lives for some of the new people here we've been talking about Cinna lytx for a long time these are compounds that selectively remove these damaged senile cells from our body so that we don't suffer the consequences of them because when your body accumulates senescence cells will they create systemic inflammation they mid protein destroying enzymes they're going to kill you and they're gonna make those remaining years miserable with all types of chronic conditions in 2015 a study came up came out showing that senescence cells when removed from older rodents induce systemic rejuvenation these findings were so exciting it resulted in a tremendous amount of research in JAMA September 2018 just about five months ago a study came out or review a review more in a study of all the evidence indicating that using Sinnoh lytic compounds to remove our senescent cells something as Steve just told you ggf 11 can potentially do that is going to enable biological age reversal and it's gonna alleviate a number of our chronic chronic conditions now this is a stark example of some mice one to the left of the screen there that was a normal age Mouse it's in terrible shape normal aging and then the mouse given the synthetic compound starting in midlife Wow it's not aging it is not aging the way the normal aging Mouse is and the mouse even roopa mice giving the Senate lytic compounds that's a tentative corset and they lived longer equivalences let's say a person who's scheduled to diet at 80 which is typically when healthy people even die nowadays you could potentially live to be close to 100 fantastic data and people with chronic kidney failure heart failure well they assets in lab courses and treated mice those organ functions were improved so we've got Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon a number of other billionaires putting big money into Sinnoh lytic research and they're seeing results this is absolutely spectacular the media picked up on it in July Time magazine Los Angeles Times talking about NASA 10 ab course enabling animals to live 36% longer and what was interesting is they didn't have to start this when those animals were young they took animals the equivalent of 75 to 90 years human years and they were able to enable them to survive 36 percent longer and reverse some of the physical decline so we're seeing a consensus among scientists that senescence cells are toxic they contribute to gee generative illnesses and they kill us soon now here's a really interesting quote from JAMA and five months ago the experts say don't do this yet they say well we're making old animals young again you shouldn't try it yourself now we at this church we don't agree with that but neither do the experts because they're a little hypocritical when they see aging go in reverse in animals in their laboratory a lot of them are doing same thing themselves someone took my bottled water so if someone can get that that would be a nice okay thank you Tanya you you yes a picture much more important I can dehydrate it's okay and so we have in the Journal of the American Medical Association very positive article on the cinematic effects that occur in animals that the experts say don't do this yourself well guess what while they were telling you not to do it they were already engaged in a clinical study that clinical study on patients with pulmonary fibrosis they got the results it was published and the media picked up on it January 8th day after the story was published the media was jumping over the fact that aging is a reversible phenomenon and the scientists have for the first time published a clinical trial showing that that's a 10 M and course attend are safe and they use very high doses by the way in this study compared to what we do in treating osteoarthritis and they got results they got results and they showed safety and that means people who have access to these sinhala compounds can consider using them though probably not in a dose use to treat these pulmonary fibrosis cases but that was not the first human study at rad fest September we announced findings not published yet they will be not published were reused a different dose of desitin AB and we used only people who had severe own on bone osteo arthritis and what we were able to see 90% of them having significant relief improved joint function it lasted about six months and then the people wanted to redo the desitin epic horse stand because the pain started to return which makes sense because the senescence el burden will continue to accumulate if you don't take care of mopping them up and we did do a slide and MRIs and follow-up and we're just waiting now for the radiologist to give us their report people by the way engaged in these studies all volunteers no one's making any money at it we're simply trying to prove the concept and if that concept works we can disseminate that information so you can take advantage of it just like I've taken advantage but I've undergone the tacit didn't have course then protocol I can't say it did anything for me because I don't have osteoarthritis or pulmonary fibrosis so I don't know if it worked but I've got evidence that my aging process is going in Reverse but I'm doing five to ten different interventions can't tell you which one is working right now this is the cinematic dosing protocol we suggest it's based on your weight dasa 10m can be a toxic drug but the low doses we're suggesting you're probably unlikely to see the toxicity but we still suggest to base it on your weight now the Mayo Clinic study they were just giving the same dose of desitin AB to all of the pulmonary fibrosis cases and a lower dose of course--it than in our osteo arthritis study we used a lot more courses than and less than sat in app in total and we got very good results with the osteoarthritis and probably the realistic dose is somewhere in between and the more research we do the more information we'll be able to disclose now the big challenge is the cost of dasa 10m it's a cancer drug meaning the drug company charges a fortune for it regrettable regrettable we continue to seek out lower-cost sources from other countries we're doing assays to see what products have the dassit in that been there and so far they all have it's such a cheap chemical to put into a drug kind of ridiculous to sell something it's not real the oncologists were picking up real fast if it were leukemia patients buying it and certainly we pick it up real fast if it wasn't working in osteoarthritis patients so we continue to look for compounding pharmacies in the United States who will produce this for us because we think the cost can be under $200 the desitin app and a corset in very low priced so we're continuing to seek lower-cost alternatives and also build a network of doctors who will prescribe desitin AB course attend and other interventions aimed at reversing the process and the last piece of news you know I keep putting these slide presentations together and more and more information keeps coming out but unity pharmaceuticals biotechnology they are a group founded by Jeff Bezos and others they put 300 million dollars into this company and they announced findings from a patented drug study it's a sin allergic drug on osteo arthritis patients they used a low dose and that low dose was safe they needed to do that first to move on to plan B which is a higher dose to see if that dose is safe and also effective so just two days ago it was released from unity the results of their phase one study so a lot of people are interested in identifying compounds do we eliminate senescence cells if this drug gets approved it's probably going to be expensive but the good news may be health insurance companies will see people taking this don't need much of anything else so they may give it to you they may pay for it themselves that would be tremendous news but the fundamental message that I want to deliver at this talk is that there are a lot of potential age reversal interventions out there stem cells gdf 11 but you wouldn't take your G d/f 11 and put it in a pot of boiling water you wouldn't want to do that and yet our aged bodies with all the pro-inflammatory factors the protein degrading enzymes all of the problems or age of bodies face it's better to optimize our health today and and and then engage in the age reversal intervention we're seeking the optimal House of Health we want our bodies to be in optimal condition before engaging in something that's experimental and the good news is will lowering blood pressure lowering LDL controlling glucose that can be done already that doesn't require anything new in fact many of these technologies are almost a hundred years old I ask people not to forget about level one as they're contemplating engaging and live - because with some of these interventions if you've got very high blood pressure very high glucose LDL homocysteine you could wind up having a heart attack or stroke before you derive the benefits of the age reversal drug nutrient hormone what if you're going to be doing so again level one is your foundation level two are the many experimental therapies and I'm gonna go through the next a bunch of slides pretty quick because frankly there's just so much good information to disseminate I want to make sure we have time to interact this study came out about six months ago and they looked at mitochondrial DNA this is not the DNA and your cell nucleus this is mitochondrial DNA and they bred a strain of mice to be able to turn it off turn off mitochondrial DNA and what happens is on the left young Mouse couple months later it grows old real fast and then they restore mitochondrial DNA function the mouse rose young again this is spectacular absolutely spectacular this is another picture of naturally aged mice at the bottom and at the top are the mice whose DNA in a mitochondria was turned off and those mice aged very quickly and it's another picture of what happens when you deplete mitochondrial DNA my shrivel they just grow old very very fast but it's reversible by turning back on the mitochondrial DNA again we don't want to look like this we want to look like young healthy mice and what gives this study so much credence is the fact that we can now study the effects of a wide range of mitochondrial DNA enhancing agents and identify in this mouse model what is likely to work in people so this one discovery could lead to the rapid advancement of our ability to regenerate mitochondrial DNA our cells energy power houses again before we experiment with some of these therapies please consider just optimizing one create a healthy foundation so you can build on that foundation and hopefully achieve the kind of longevity that's going to enable us to live another 30 years we feel if we can make it to about 2030 crisper 9 gene editing technology will make us biologically immortal aging will no longer be a problem but we need to get there and these are some of the steps we don't have ggf 11 in there yet but we may add that depending on the type of results we get with very analysis with our analyses but what's good about these steps is they're all available now they are all approved drugs and we're simply advocating they be used off-label we make it to year 2030 aging stops we simply have to prevent ourselves from dying from all kind of problems and then we eventually merge into the cloud and achieve true immortality whether it's biological or electronic whatever whatever you choose and I always like to conclude with people who missed a longevity boat people with a lot of money sometimes a lot of Fame and yet they're dead they're dead and for what the most part they didn't consider age and research that important so people with a lot of money I had relatively young age and the Texans they had a decent season this year problem is the owner they can get to really enjoy that season as he died with a lot of money some people might say well that's a decent age to live to but I don't think anyone this church does and was founder of Southwest Airlines I mean he was a real innovator little a lot of good work he's dead lots of money that his relatives can enjoy but he can't and we try to advocate when we run into wealthy people if you're making charitable contributions please put at least some of that money into aging research because if nothing else kills you that's gonna do it that's gonna do it and I'm concluding with the slides I've shown before but from the very beginning of any type of recorded history we've seen this 300% increase in human longevity but what's interesting is 50 percent of that 300 percent increase that's occurred over the last 100 75 years just imagine what's going to happen over the next ten to twenty with the rate of accelerated returns that we're seeing in the biomedical sciences so I'm going to thank this group for showing up Steve Parrish presentation spectacular we have had him present on different webinars at Brad fest he's been presenting every single year that technology is so so incredible that we can't wait to have people in this group get on it and report back what's happening I'll be happy to answer any questions first question John yeah bill last month I believe it was you've mentioned that they were looking at rapamycin dosage was see what was an optimal dose and the five milligrams I think that was standard ly recommended and quite have the results they were looking for that's a preliminary report from one of the doctors involved in the clinical study he feels that he may need to up the dose to ten to fifteen milligrams or higher however the people who enrolled in a rapamycin clinical trial in Southern California most of them were very obese they were looking at rapamycin as a way to lose weight and it kind of helps to validate what I said about getting your house in order from the standpoint of level one if you think one intervention is going to cure all your problems you're probably going to fail and if those people who entered the rapamycin trial have been healthier to begin with they may have seen better results so the next clinical trial with rapamycin we may exclude obese people and see how well it works in normal weight people and it could be a whole different situation Ernie two questions on the using the D and Q as I call it for osteoarthritis are you suggesting a different dosage than the protocol no not at all the protocol is we have that slide up there is based on body weight I believe two point five milligrams per kilogram body weight of the dassit in a banana an escalating dose of corsets and based on your body weight what they did with that pulmonary fibrosis trial and embarrass the scientists don't have unlimited money that they recruited 14 patients and they gave them a high dose over a short time period and that they at least proved that it's you know safe and they've got some results from it so they need now need to move on to other studies but our protocol right now worked and we're sticking with that protocol and on the NAD+ is there any change as far as getting a blood test for that we're coming closer some people indicated they've got an NAD+ blood test and we just need to validate that but I received an email literally yesterday from somebody who says they have it and these people are credible by the way but before we tell people go out and do this we want to validated against what we know works so that's a that's coming soon from Jerry I take the NAD+ and I was wondering is is it injectable also it is one more effective than another let me explain about boosting your nad cellular levels as we grow older they plummet we know that when you're 50 years of age you've got about 60% of the nad you did when you're 20 when you're 80 it may only be one to 8% and 80 is when people typically die if you take an nad oral precursor called nicotinamide rai beside that will boost your levels 40 to 90 percent and that may sound impressive it is if you're let's say 40 or 50 if you're 80 and you're dying to let's say 2% nad plus a 90% increase doesn't get you to where you need to be so people are using patches they're using intramuscular injections and infusions if they're older the booster nad and then maintain it with the oral precursor nicotinamide right aside any other questions for bill yes John garden is crazy younger but anyway I'm there anything but disinterested in this whole life extension movement I was wondering um they were wondering what an appropriate age would be to initiate things like Senna lytx metformin they're ready to jump on the bandwagon and I'm I'm not here to discourage them but I'm wondering what your thoughts on are would it make sense for a person that's in their early 30s to start initiating any of these protocols they could probably take let's say 250 milligrams of nicotine oh my driver-side three times a week and maybe in a couple years five times a week they they don't need anywhere near what we do I know a lot of people young who take a lot of coenzyme q-10 and I tell them not to I said you got plenty of it being manufactured in your body so you don't need more and a younger person has enough nad though at the age of 32 it's starting to diminish so they could use the oral precursor not everyday just enough to keep it at that higher level and with Senna Linux probably they could benefit but I would again wait a year or two because it's not urgent and we're gonna know a lot more about Senna Linux in three months two years then then what we know right now so a 32 year old was healthy I would wait a couple more years before doing so Linux and metformin that's something I think they should consider starting metformin a lot of safety data again they may only need 250 milligrams a day but at least turn up their ampk don't let that midlife weight gain even occur was around 30 to 33 a lot of men start putting on the bellies metformin could kept keep that from happening and they don't develop that deep visceral fat so it would be my session crush you from John I what protocols could be used or followed to reverse type 2 diabetes probably everything that we've recommended we do have a menu from previous services as to a systemic age reversal protocol metformin rapamycin certainly they want to boost their their nad they want to get rid of senescence cells that create any type of problems weight loss we all know is important for most people I would say everything that we recommend an older person do to reverse aging and we know type 2 diabetes as a form of accelerated rated aging they should consider doing themselves know that desitin Abbas are very difficult to get especially at these prices so I tried this a cinematic out of activator with the Theo flavin what's the the correlation between the Theo flavin and that that's at Annette okay the the Theo Flavin's are a black tea extract and they have several similar mechanisms of action to dassit Annette so they're gonna give you some of the Sinha lytic benefit but what I'd like to recommend to people like you I mean this is a dedicated group of people who wants to get the maximum benefit we've got solid data that asset in a band for certain work and the problem is the asset in apps currently expensive I can't wait till I can make an announcement to refer people to a source where they can buy it for maybe $200 and as a one-year supply so in the meantime people are using nutrients that have similar mechanisms as desitin AB but the hard core data is with assitant have been corset and just like with metformin the data is with the metformin there's nutrients to boost AMPK and and for some people that can't tolerate metformin for about 20% of people by the way they have gi side effects from metformin they just can't take it well there are nutrients that can have similar properties but if you have a choice the drug is going to give you a more direct effect Robert yeah hi Bill there's the Sena lytx and the rapamycin those protocols work on the same senescent cells and you know housekeeping if you will no differently rapamycin turns down em tour and into doing so it enables the cell to undergo a process known as Itachi that's removing the accumulated cellular waste that accrues inside aging cells so it could very well prevent aging cells from turning senescent and rapamycin has a number of other benefits but it's not itself a cinematic agent whereas a Cinna lytic is out there to selectively identify the markers on senescent cells and then kill those senescence cells so that they are different they're both very important if you don't clear out the accumulated cellular debris you're going to develop so many senescence cells at some point you won't be able to remove them all so so they're each important and they have different mechanisms any other questions one more job let me give you the microphone for the people my daughter was in Mumbai waiting about three weeks ago and I had her on and she says yeah the Indians have a generic for about $225 well and they do in generics in your experience to be trusted bill I don't see why so far we haven't found any bad stuff and again the reason that there's no incentive to put bad asset in a band a product is it's just cost virtually nothing you can buy a kilo of it in India for virtually nothing so if you're gonna make a generic drug buy the real stuff and make sure the patient's getting the result with the right stuff and then they keep buying from you so if you've got a lead even in a country like that she should we should arrange to get some and analyze it because that's the lowest price I've ever heard and at that price everyone can afford it and that's our big challenge right now is the high cost of dassit Anette so once we identify a country with low cost medicine we'll refer people to some pharmacy there to buy it it's great news thank you John thank you for that information ladies gentlemen ill faloona you [Applause] so once again we're going to be here February the 28th and I want to thank you all for being here this evening we do have a dinner downstairs choice is going to be salmon or chicken and we hope that you'll stand by and you'll be able to have a chance to talk with Steve Perry in person and Bill floon as well thank you for coming and we'll see you again next month you

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