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Peter Voss on Artificial General Intelligence and Bill Faloon

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Peter Voss is a Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor and a Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence.


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Peter Voss is a Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor and a Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence.

Peter started out in electronics engineering but quickly moved into software. After developing a comprehensive ERP software package, Peter took his first software company from a zero to 400-person IPO in seven years.

Fueled by the fragile nature of software, Peter embarked on a 20-year journey to study intelligence (how it develops in humans, how to measure it, and current AI efforts), and to replicate it in software. His research culminated in the creation of a natural language intelligence engine that can think, learn, and reason -- and adapt to and grow with the user. He even coined the term ‘AGI’(Artificial General Intelligence) with fellow luminaries in the space.

Peter founded in 2009, which developed the first AGI-based call center automation technology. Now, in his latest venture,, he is taking that technology a step further with the commercialization of the second generation of his ‘Conversational AI’ technology with a bold mission of providing hyper-intelligent hyper-personal assistants for everyone.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, engineer, inventor, and AI pioneer, Peter often writes and presents on various philosophical topics including rational ethics, free will, and artificial minds; and is deeply involved with futurism and radical life-extension.

Church of Perpetual Life, a science-based church is open to people of all faiths & belief systems. We are non-denominational & non-judgmental and a central gathering place of Transhumans. What unites us is our common faith, belief, and desire in Unlimited Life Spans.

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come welcome everyone I'm so glad you're

here yes nice turnout this evening even

though we have rain we still have a

great turnout wonderful my name is Neil

Vander and I'll be your officiator

tonight great to see you all thanks for

braving the weather and many of you came

from a long distance how many you here

for the very first time tonight see for

your show of hands wow we've got about

10 12 13 14 people here for the first

time and I know we still have people

coming up the stairs how did you hear

about this perpetual life you heard from


do you brought a friend maybe you saw it

in the YouTube yes how many people

received a phone call about the service

tonight we received a text we got an

email you know you if you've come if

you've come and you've given us your

email thank you for that we're going to

stay in touch with you and let you know

about future events and I'd like to also

welcome everyone who's joining the

livestream as we are a live streaming

here all over the world we have people

sometimes as many as 60 people are

joining our live streams here and we're

so glad that they're putting on watch

parties all over the country all over

the world people are having watch

parties and we'll want to encourage more

of that so if anyone online wants to

have their own watch party in their town

get in touch with us and we'll help you

to formulate that contact us we'll help

you with that

here at Perpetual life we refer to

ourselves as immortal lists not because

we have defeated death at this moment

but because we have faith in few in the

future of humanity to find ways of

reversing aging defeating death making

death optional well and we see that that

technology may not be here at this time

but we see it in the laboratories we see

the research going on in laboratories

around the world where there of reverse

aging in laboratory animals where

they've done 'aa mazing things and we

see that going down the line to us and

hopefully in the very near future our

mission here is to assist everyone in

ways to find radical life extension we

follow the prophets arthur c clarke and

fedorov arthur c clarke who said he had

revolutionary ideas which seemed to

invoke three stages of reactions they

may be summed up in the phrases number

one it's completely impossible

or number two it's possible but it's not

worth doing and later on they decide I

said it was a good idea all along and

you know we see that happening with

people so many people don't understand

that life extension let the

reponsibility right now to reverse the

process of aging that's available right

now and there are many ways of doing

that next month February 28th we have

Brian Delaney coming from the rescue

Elder Society it's now called something

else it's age reversal network right age

reversal network so Brian's going to be

speaking next month and that's the

fourth Thursday of February at 7 o'clock

we'll be back here for that presentation

by Brian we are so looking forward to

that we are a science-based

transhumanist Church so our faith is in

humanity to find ways toward unlimited


I want to point out that we do have a

lending library on this level in the

back if you'd like to borrow a book

that's there for you find a book that

you'd like to borrow bring it back next

month and find another one there's a lot

of great reading material over there

we're going to get right into our

program because we have two great

presentations at the we after the first

presentation bill Fallon will be giving

his age reversal update so we're looking

forward to that as well but let me tell

you about our speaker tonight and a

little bit about growth differential

factor 11 gdf 11 it's a naturally

occurring peptide that has been cited in

several papers as having an amazing

capacity to restore aging must say

muscles hearts and brains in mice it has

never been tested in humans until Steve

Perry became patient zero in 2014

Steve's path to gdf 11 research started

at the University of Pennsylvania with a

degree in Computer Sciences in 1980 and

since then Steve has founded and sold

several software tech companies after 40

years of tech software development Steve

believes that all complex systems are

highly programmed if not they fall to

Kaos quickly and the ultimate complex

system the human body is a highly

programmed and aging is no exception

Steve believes that lifespan is

programmed by group selection based on

resource and environmental selection

pressures Hurra by OSA strongly suggests

that blood-borne peptide especially gdf

11 are a key component of the aging

program and Steve founded gdf 11

rejuvenation Inc in June 2014 to explore

the efficacy of gdf 11 supplementation

so please help me give a warm Hollywood

Florida welcome to Steve Perry come on

up Steve


they still okay

anyway as Neil said I'm patient zero on

Kiev eleven first guy they never tried

it it's a long gonna be one first person

so I've already got by place sealed in

history anyway there's the beautiful

little molecule up there it's a big

molecule it's one of the largest

signaling molecules in the human body

$45,000 it's nine times the size of

insulin and it's two and a half times

the size of growth hormone if you want

to do GTO eleven you need one of these

brought enough needles for everybody

only kidding anyway but people always

say why is it GF eleven in a pill I've

heard that question so many times I said

why isn't insulin in a pill someone

could figure out a insulin pill that's

like a hundred billion dollar play so as

soon as that's done then we'll get gtfo

anyway I just want you guys to know you

know I'm not a MD and I'm not a

molecular biologist Mike background is

computer science Deena was saying I've

had a few software companies database

payroll and it's really come in handy

because really this project has been

about crunching a ton of data a ton of

biomarker data I have over a hundred

people that have helped me out actually

it's probably two or three hundred

people out gif load but a hundred that

actually do the spreadsheets and and

enter the data to the software and

everything so my computer science

background has been quite helpful see

anyway since this is my talk I get to

editorialize a little bit some you may

disagree with this but I say most of

aging is caused by the atrophy of our

stem cell populations I think I've got a

lot of data to back this up

shrinking stem cell populations mean

declining repair of key systems which

eventually leads leads to our death and

I don't believe it's random there's no

difference in DNA pretty much between

you and a cat and a rat a bowhead whale

but a bowhead whale will live 200 years

and a cat will live 15 if you're lucky

so it's programmed my natural selection

I think it's programmed by availability

of resources I hate to say this to the

Church of Perpetual life if you're a

pure evolutionist and I am a peer

evolutionist death is good for the

species can't eat your your children's


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