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Perpetual Life is the only science/faith based church in the world.  We are not a bible based church & although we are not a Christian Church, many of our members are Christian & Jewish.  We also have members that are Buddhist, Humanist, Athiest, and Hindu.  What brings us together as a Family is our Faith in Physical Immortality.  Humanity is constantly overcoming obstacles that at first appear impossible, and once overcome, a new era dawns and humanity is elevated.  And so it is with our belief in living Unlimited Life Spans.  Humanity is on the brink of a new Era where your physical health becomes Optimal and death becomes Optional.

We provide fellowship for longevity enthusiasts, and act as a central gathering place for Transhumanists & all People interested in Age Reversal, Cryonics and the Singularity.  We invite you to visit, in person or via our Live Streaming, and in the meantime you may check out our Youtube channel, the link is above.

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