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Aging & Death 
can be Optional...


...We Choose
Life & Health

Our Next Service is Thursday, September 28th

at 7:00 PM Eastern Time
Our Social Hour in Zoom is at 6:00 PM

Our Guest Speaker is Dr. Ramesh Kumar,

board certified oncologist & best selling author!
This will be in Zoom and on Youtube Livestream Only




"Discover the Transformative Power of Regenerative Integrative Medicine"

Meet with us at 6:00 pm EST (11:00 pm UTC) for our Perpetual Life Zoom Party and socialize with Immortalists from Around the World, hosted by Rudi Hoffman and Tonya Scholz!


Stay "In Zoom" for our 7:00 pm (12:00 pm UTC) YouTube Streaming Service with "Discover the Transformative Power of Regenerative Integrative Medicine"

with Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Board-certified Oncologist & Best Selling Author


Prepare to be amazed by the incredible Dr. Kumar! Not only is he a Board-certified Oncologist, but he is also an Integrative Medicine physician, a Harvard Medical School trained Acupuncturist, and a Best Selling Author. With over 20 years of experience, he has positively impacted the lives of more than 10,000 patients and counting.

As a trusted practitioner, Dr. Kumar is co-author of the best-selling book

"Fight for Your Dreams," written with Les Brown. He is also active in prestigious medical organizations, further solidifying his expertise and dedication. 


Dr. Kumar's passion lies in helping patients achieve peak physical, cognitive, and sexual health, regardless of their age. He believes that everyone deserves to live their best life, and he's here to make it happen. Through a combination of cutting-edge technologies and the emerging field of regenerative integrative medicine, Dr. Kumar delivers results that surpass the limitations of traditional insurance-based medicine


Dr. Kumar is the founder and medical director at LifeWell MD, a holistic and integrative functional medicine healthcare clinic located in Saint Lucie County and Palm Beach County, Florida. They offer a wide range of cutting-edge treatments designed to transform lives and prioritize holistic wellness.


LifeWell MD approach goes beyond simply treating illness. They genuinely care about their patients and strive to empower them to prioritize their health and embark on a journey toward holistic wellness. By caring for the whole person, both physically and emotionally, they nurture and transform lives.


Stay after the close of the YouTube streaming for the Zoom After Party until ??: 00 pm. Enjoy fellowship in the extended discussions with Neal and Immortalists & Friends from Around the World, sharing bold ideas on health, longevity, and technology!


Please share this event with someone that you care about.


Would you like to make a Donation to Perpetual Life? Your donations help us grow & improve our services. To donate, go to our website and use the PayPal button at the top right of the page. Thank you for your generous donations.  We appreciate it immensely!


"Our task is to make nature, the blind force of nature, into an instrument of universal resuscitation and to become a union of immortal beings."

- Nikolai F. Fedorov

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Now is the time to Register for the RAADFest!

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Our NEW Church is at
950 S. Cypress Road, Pompano Beach FL.
We will continue to Livestream our services!
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950 South Cypress Road, Pompano Beach, Florida 33060

Some recent events have been recorded and can be
seen at our  Youtube Channel now! 
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Reverse Aging, Defeat Death.  At Perpetual Life, discover methods of Age Reversal.


Planning a visit? Are you interested in lecturing on our YouTube channel? Find all the information needed to visit or lecture here.

If you have missed an event, you may still see it
on our Youtube Channel!
If you are FAR AWAY from our church, why not form a meeting of other "Immortalists" and watch one of our previous events on the YouTube Channel?
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We Have Services Once a Month, often on the

4th Thursday Of The Month.

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