Aging & Death 

can be Optional...

...We Choose

Life & Health

Our next service will be
Thursday, December 19th at 7:00 PM
Our doors will open at 6:00 PM
The Remembrance of
the Resurrectables
Bill Faloon has a new presentation
on Cryonic Suspension and
an update on Age Reversal
Afterwards, we will enjoy our annual
Holiday Party in celebration of the
Winter Solstice, Christmas & Hanukkah.
a delicious dinner and conversations on
Health & Unlimited Life Spans
Please RSVP so we may be ready for you!
The videos of the presentations
from the
Cryonics Symposium International
are now available on our
Youtube channel
 Presented by Rudi!

Rudi Hoffman

Master of Ceremonies

Guest speakers will include:

Jim Yount ~ American Cryonics Society

Alexey Potapov, KrioRus

(Russian Cryonics)

Linda Chamberlain  ~ Alcor Founder

Joseph Kowalsky

 ~ Cryonics Institute

Dennis Kowalski,

President of the Cryonics Institute

Bill Faloon - Founder of the Church of Perpetual Life 

Max More, CEO

Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Dr. Mike Perry ~ The Venturists

Sayer Johanson ~

Suspended Animation Team

Ben Best ~ Reporting on Oregon Cryonics

Rudi Hoffman speaking at the CSI in July

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