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Aging & Death can be               Optional...

...We Choose
Life & Health


                     You are Invited to Our next Event 
                                  Thursday, February 22nd

                                 at 7:00 PM Eastern Time
                    with a Social Hour starting at 6:00 PM
   With Zack Varkaris                                             


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Rejuvenation Through Stem Cells

Zack Varkaris is Scientific Director and founder of Austin Biotec. He holds a BSc in Marine and Molecular biology from Heriot Watt University. In 2011, he developed a cost-effective Algae to biofuel system, that produced both diesel and an unexpected byproduct of high value anti-ageing chemicals. Whilst researching the effectiveness of these chemicals he created anti-ageing topical creams. Progressing into stem cell rejuvenation which resulted in the creation of Exotherapy™ & Rejucvacyte™️ procedures to maximize Human Health and lifespan. Working by our Ethos: A fully functional reproductive system and aesthetic maintenance is the foundation for a completely extended life. The Freudenspanne concept was developed from the results of the first round of procedures. Currently he is completing a book on Freudenspanne.

And our Co-Founder, Bill Faloon

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  Presenting An Exciting Age Reversal Update

In Zoom, Stay for the after Zoom Party and Enjoy fellowship in the extended discussions with Friends from Around the World, sharing bold ideas on health, longevity, and technology!

Please share this event with someone that you care about. 

"Our task is to make nature, the blind force of nature, into an instrument of universal resuscitation and to become a union of immortal beings."

- Nikolai F. Fedorov

Join your Zoom Hosts 

Tonya Scholz

Rudi Hoffman


                                Perpetual Life

 950 S Cypress Rd. Pompano Beach, Fl

               Our three-acre campus


    Our original location Perpetual Life

                Hollywood, Florida

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Our Past Services

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950 South Cypress Road, Pompano Beach, Florida 33060

Some recent events have been recorded and can be
seen at our  Youtube Channel now! 
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Offering Apple at the Market

Reverse Aging, Defeat Death.  At Perpetual Life, discover methods of Age Reversal.


Planning a visit? Are you interested in lecturing on our YouTube channel? Find all the information needed to visit or lecture here.

If you have missed an event, you may still see it
on our Youtube Channel!
If you are FAR AWAY from our church, why not form a meeting of other "Immortalists" and watch one of our previous events on the YouTube Channel?
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We Have Services Once a Month, often on the

4th Thursday Of The Month.

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